Here you will find answers to questions that you may have.  If you are still left wondering, use the comment/message/email tool to send a question and we will make sure to respond within the next business day.

Is Home-Based Therapy Available?

At this time in our practice, we ONLY offer home and or community-based therapy on a private/self-pay basis primarily for parent-child issues.  Therapy appointments at home are still given the same requirements of an office visit including maintaining confidentiality and a quiet place to engage in therapeutic conversation with no interruptions.

What is Mobile Therapy?

Life is busy and hectic and Conversations Create Change LLC wants to engage with you and your family to provide therapy that meets your need.  Call us and we will arrange with you to meet in the community, at home, at a local library, at your child's daycare/school.  We will also support your family via tele-mental health on an online platform that is safe and private.  The client has to be in the Maryland area for teletherapy.

Cancellation Policy?

We know life happens and cancellation of therapy appointments will occur.   However, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance in order for another individual to fill that time.  When cancellation does not occur within the 24 hours, then a $65 will be charged.  

Can I allow another family member to attend my  therapy session in my place?

You are unable to transfer therapy sessions to family members per insurance policies.  However, if you have a Group Membership in an open group and or workshop, you are able to transfer ONLY if it is part of your membership fee.