We offer Membership Fees for structured closed groups.

Groups are usually 4-8 weeks for 30 minutes and 60-minutes per week depending on need.

Closed groups are important because it allows for confidentiality and for group members to feel safe and engage in work that is meaningful.

We do offer workshops which are open and available to all.  Workshops are usually a few hours, a day and or a weekend.

We offer groups for parents, families, couples, adolescents, school teams and anyone looking to add a little social and emotional to your environment.

Please call us for more information for groups that are of interest to you including:

  1. Mommy Conversations
  2. Daddy Conversations Too
  3. Parent-Child Conversations
  4. Adolescent Girls: Self-Esteem and Confidence Building
  5. Adolescent Boys: Putting Words to Feelings
  6. Bright Stars: Parenting using Sports Strategies
  7. Parenting Strategies for Toddlers
  8. How To Play at Home: Using Play Therapy to Parent
  9. Battles: Classroom Behavior Management Techniques (we can cater this for families)
  10. The Love, Sex & Communication Workshop (for engaged and/or married couples)

If you do not see a group, reach out to us to develop a structured group and workshop.  Additionally, ask us about Membership Fees and join a group and/or attend a workshop.

Upcoming @ Conversations Create Change LLC, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) structured groups and workshops.

These groups/workshops will primarily for patients who have been diagnosed with personality and other mood disorders.