Shift Your Perspective about July

July is almost over and you are thinking…it’s almost December and the year is almost over and you haven’t started your New Year’s resolution, or you started and stopped and started and stopped again…and you can’t even remember which phase of the start-stop-start you are when it comes to your New Year’s resolution…


Really,  it’s ok to breathe and slow down.  Slow it all the way down.

It’s not the end of the world that July is almost done and you aren’t sure where you are on any phase of any resolution…i want to challenge you to change your perspective.

Don’t look at July as the year is almost over…look at it as: i still have time to do what i need to do.  Whatever that to-do is…changing your perspective will allow you to have a different mindset so that you can take the necessary steps you need to get it done.

The glass half full is always better than glass half empty.  There is promise in the half full glass.  There is opportunity for more.   The half empty glass always seems so sad and hopeless.  In our books, optimism always wins out over pessimism.  And the same is true of shifting your mindset.

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When you have a mind shift…there is a certain level of purpose to your actions and directions.  When you begin thinking “Yes, July is about to end however i have the rest of the next six months to do what i have to do” feels more hopeful than, “Oh no, July is done and i haven’t done anything i set up to do.  I have wasted six months.

One feels much more hopeful than the other.  And who wants to feel hopeless while greeting such a lovely month such as August.

Challenge yourself to shift your perspective about July.

Find where you are on the phase of start-stop-start phase and make it count…your change is waiting for you to create!


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