Therapeutic Techniques: STOP

Everyone needs a mindfulness practice…there are several techniques we can use to help us decrease stress and anxiety.

The STOP technique is small but effective for bringing the body and mind back into calm balance.


T–Take a breath 



When we notice stress and anxiety in our body, we have to take a moment and stop, take a deep breath, observe what is happening in your thoughts, emotions and sensations.  It’s important to reconnect your experience and then proceed and respond more effectively.

The STOP Technique allows you to check-in with yourself as the day goes by.  You don’t always have to wait until you are stressed out in order to practice STOP.  It is important to use the STOP technique as part of how you practice mindfulness.

When you begin to use the STOP technique regularly, it becomes part of your daily mindfulness practice  and it allows you to notice what is happening inside you.  It allows you to become more in-tuned with your experiences.

One of the most important aspect of developing a mindfulness practice is to find one that works for you and then practice it every single day…every day.


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