Ways to Help Someone Battle Severe Depression

Depression is truly a cycle and this image may be helpful for you to review.

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When you understand that there is a cycle of depression which some people are never able to come out of.  Some days are better than other days.

Here are some ways to engage someone you love that is dealing with depression.

There are some Do’s when talking so someone about depression.

  1. Do Validate that they have an illness, not a weakness.
  2. Do offer to help with life tasks.
  3. Do Provide an escape hatch.
  4. Do Listen.
  5. Continue to be patient

There are some Don’t’s when talking so someone about depression.

  1. Don’t say “It’s all in your head.”
  2. Don’t Try to make them cheer up.
  3. Don’t offer quick fixes
  4. Don’t tease or joke around
  5. Don’t try to relate (unnecessarily)

There are no right ways to do things.  There is only doing something.  Sometimes doing something for someone is helpful.


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