Depression is common but a serious mood disorder.  Symptoms can affect your feelings, thoughts and behaviors in your daily activities like sleeping, eating and working. Symptoms must last at least 2 weeks.


Occasional anxiety is a normal part of life.  However, anxiety disorders involve more than temporary worry or fear.  For a person with anxiety disorder, the anxiety doesn't go away and can get worse.  Feelings interfere with career, school and relationships. (generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and social anxiety disorder).


Family life can be complicated when there are misunderstandings.  Therapy can help you and your family figure out what is most important to help the family function in a happy and healthy environment.


There are many faces of communication.  In therapy, we will explore your communication style and its impact on your interactions with family, friends and colleagues.


Stress is the state of mental or emotional strain caused by adverse or challenging situations.  When we don't deal with stress, our mental, physical and social health suffers.  Therapy can be a preventative measure against stress.


Sometimes the best place to talk about the challenges of your career is outside of work.  Therapy can help you decide on a career path and or process your current and future career goals.  You don't have to figure out work related stress on your own.

Life Transitions

Life transitions can be hard and life altering.  Therapy can help you process the many feelings that arise from life transitions like divorce, retirement, parenthood, high school and college.  Therapy will help you create meaningful experiences out of your current life transition.


The belief in ourselves changes as we grow and develop.  If you once believed in yourself and were your own best cheerleader, you are not alone.  Therapy can create a safe place for you to ask hard questions and find answers that allow you to regain your confidence and meet your authentic self, who is always confident and kind.

Self Care

Self-Care is an intentional act to take care of your mind and body.  Choices that you make can have a positive and or negative impact on your wellness.  Therapy can be the best part of your self-care plan.