A Note About Coronavirus for Our Clients

This is unprecedented times and we don’t want to do this but we have to protect each other, during this time.

I don’t think a few months ago, anyone would have predicted that COVID-19 would have this kind of impact on us. Additionally, maybe we should have planned better given the situation in other countries.

This situation reminds me how close we are as a human race rather than far apart.

Here’s what we are doing at the office. We are encouraging social distancing to ensure the safety of everyone.

We are set up to provide teletherapy within Maryland and we will be using this format in the upcoming weeks. All teletherapy is provided within a confidential HIPAA protected/secure sight.

If you have any questions about how tele therapy works, please reach out to your therapist/staff at the office.

Following social distancing rules is one of the best ways to not increase the spread of Covid-19. We are committed to doing our part as a practice.

—-Staff at Conversations Create Change LLC

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