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Feel Sad about Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain but don’t make it your personal lose

It’s so sad when people we know die.  Even when we don’t have a personal connection to that person.

The death of Kate Spade

and Antony Bourdain leave us reeling.

Even though we didn’t know them personally outside of the news, magazines and or TV regularly, we feel a personal connection.  These deaths can also make us feel sad.  However, it can also bring forth sadness and loneliness related to other people we know that have passed away.

Be kind to yourself…when you are processing these deaths and loses that are removed from us.

We may not understand why they took their lives.

Even though we saw them on TV, news, and or magazine does not mean that we knew them.

We do not know anyone’s heart and pain.

We don’t have to know.

All we should know is that we are OK.  We admired these people from afar.  We can continue to remember them as they were. Because those memories are all we do know.

If these deaths and loses remind you of your personal lose, seek out help.  Talk about it with someone else.  Remember not to internalize feelings that are not yours.  Do not take on more sadness than you can handle.

Again be kind to yourself.



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