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What Did You Do for Yourself Today?

This question is one you can ask yourself everyday…what did I do for myself today?

To nurture your soul, your body, your mind, your family, your creativity.

To grow parts of yourself that needs to expand…explore…examine.

Asking this simple question allows you to tune into yourself and give you what you need.

Ask and you shall receive…

The simple act allows you to stop and answer the question truthfully and honestly.

Be transparent with your needs and wants, desires and passions…and allow yourself to DO for yourself.

The more you do for yourself, the more of yourself you will have to give to others and the world around you.

So go ahead and ask yourself: What have I done for myself today?

The more we engage in this practice, the more authentic we become, the more intentional we live our lives and the experiences of life becomes more meaningful!




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